COVID-19 Update


March 20, 2020

Dear Customers,

We sincerely hope you are staying safe and following the important guidelines designed to help bend the curve of the spread of this virus. Our staff and management have been working diligently to try to find ways to get our products to those who want them while staying in alignment with these increasingly stringent guidelines and keeping both our staff and customers safe.

Accordingly, we have introduced a couple of new options while having to shut down other options.

Effective immediately we have removed all seating and eat-in options in our cafes. We will remain open, albeit with reduced operating hours and only on a take-out basis. Our retail packaged “take-home” soups will be available as always in both locations, but please expect the occasional sold out flavours as sales of these soups have recently increased due to the recent need for many of us to isolate.

We will also soon be on board the Uber Eats delivery platform for two distinct services. The first will be to deliver to you our full line of prepared foods from our cafes, including soups, grilled sandwiches, pot pies and quiches as well as our awesome custom-built salads… these will be available to you under our Liquids+Solids Café banner. The second service will be to deliver our packaged soups directly to your office or home in our standard 700ml sizes as well as a new “family size” of 2.5 L. These will be found under our Soup Etc! banner.

On behalf of our staff and myself, thank you so much to all of you who have reached out and continue to support us, it really means more than you know. Please stay safe, stay vigilant and continue to follow the rules…we WILL get through this.

Thank you

Michael Coderre

March 16, 2020


As our world continues to be impacted, and business landscapes rapidly and continuously change due to the COVID 19 virus, we wanted to take a moment to advise our clients of the steps, we have taken relative to mitigating health risks and ensuring production continuity to minimize any disruptions for our customers.

In terms of risk mitigation, our HACCP certification and the corresponding rigorous protocols mandated by the HACCP program in terms of sanitation and hygiene allow us to feel comfortable that our staff are not only already well-trained, but very accustomed to the increased safety guidelines as set forth by the various government experts such as the CDC. In addition, we have done our best to reduce production schedules, and in turn, employee schedules to allow for adequate social distancing between employees. We have also held small (limiting attendance) employee meetings to ensure each staff has a crystal clear understanding of the COVID 19 virus, its contagion mechanics, its contagion rate, preventative steps we can each take and most importantly, our collective social responsibility to keep others safe.

Like you, we are monitoring the pandemic and the fluidity of its impact on an hourly basis. We want to assure you that we will continue to be vigilant in maintaining our employees’ awareness, all safety protocols and be quick to adopt any additional recommendations from the experts. While we cannot guarantee that there will not be zero disruptions in terms of our supply of goods to you, we have done everything in our power to mitigate the variables that could cause such disruptions to the best of our abilities.

In closing, we are at the beginning of what is sure to be a long and challenging journey, the likes of which we have never experienced, at least in recent history. Thank you for your support as we all navigate our way through it.

Thank you,

Michael Coderre

President and CEO