Eat well & be nice to people

Liquids + Solids Culinary Innovations is a food development & production company specializing in fine soups, stews & chilis produced under the house brand soupetc!

Our approach is simple. We love food & we take our commitment to food integrity seriously, constantly striving to maintain the delicate balance between affordability & accessibility of quality ingredients. We operate in a mindful way, supporting local, sustainable businesses within our community.

We make everything from scratch. All of our soups are crafted in our production kitchen located in The East Village under the house brand soupetc! Sound familiar? You may have seen us at your local market. You can now find soupetc! throughout the Lower Mainland, Whistler, Vancouver Island & beyond.

We have 2 Liquids + Solids cafe location that serve up a rotating menu of our fresh soups, grilled sandwiches, pot pies, fresh tossed salads and other goodies. Like our soups, everything is made from scratch with wholesome ingredients.